Interrailing and the importance of reservations…


It has to be said – Interrailing can be really confusing…

  • You buy a ticket and hop on & off whatever trains you like for a month? WRONG!
  • I can use the Interrail Pass on Public Transport? WRONG!
  • I can use the Interrail Pass for free on the Eurostar? WRONG!
  • I can use the Interrail Pass to fly myself and my pet Chimpanzee to Mars? WRONG!

The Problem 

Just because you have an Interrail Pass, that doesn’t mean you have free reign around Europe for a month! There are various rules and restrictions, and if you ignore these it can be a really costly error.

The Interrail Pass is valid on 98% of European Train Networks, however some of these train networks require you to pay a supplement for a seat on their train.

Reservations Explained

Most reservations can usually be purchased at the station 1 or 2 days before you travel BUT in some instances the seats MUST be booked much earlier than that so it’s imperative that you are armed with the correct information before you go.

Certain train companies limit the number of Interrail Seats on a train so some companies actually release the availability online 3 & 4 months beforehand.

Seat reservations can vary in cost from €3-€38 depending on which network you are trying to use. This can appear expensive but done correctly works out a lot less costly.

For those that choose to ignore the reservation rules, there are usually 2 options when the conductor comes around…

1. Get Off

2. Pay a hefty fine!

Reservations are not required everywhere and whilst there are certain ways of getting around high reservations fee’s by taking slower trains there will be certain journeys that will always require reservations to be paid.


The Solution

Interrailingpackages products include all COMPULSORY reservations for your trip, meaning you have no pre-holiday reservation worries- simply book & go!

Furthermore, Interrailingpackages also provide routes which include travel to & from London via the Eurostar which can be an added bonus if you are travelling from the UK.

With our products, the only reservations you are required to purchase can be done so at the train station with minimal cost. We also provide detailed instructions in our trip itineraries on when this is required & how  to book them.

So make things easy for yourself, Travel Easy With Interrailingpackages.

Facebook: @interrailingpackagesltd

Twitter: @interrailingpac

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