Are you ready for an adventure?

So, you reckon you’re cut out for a bit of an adventure?

Urban Dictionary, that bible of all things to be defined, describes those daring adventurer types as: “A group of people with the proverbial grape fruit sized testicles that will try anything, anywhere, anytime.”

Well, when we read that, it got us thinking – how do we make an Interrailing package that appeals to those who want to go that little bit extra. Those guys and gals who want to throw off the shackles of college, work or everyday life and go to the extreme.

Our answer was to look for the biggest, the best and the most thrilling cities we could offer and package them up in an amazing four week trip. This is the destinations we came up with in our new Adventurer Hostel Package (along with some of our top thrill seeker tips on what you might want to do when you’re there).

  • Begin your journey with four days (three nights) in famous Amsterdam, where no visit is complete without a trip to the Red Light District and a brown cafe or two. So everyday, so ‘Dam what huh? Well, okay then, how about a trip through the human body at the Corpus Experience…
  • Next is three nights in that playful little minx that is Paris, where you can meet zombies at the extremely interactive Manoir de Paris (not advised for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, or visitors suffering from epilepsy. You were warned). Oh, and if you have some extra cash then don’t bother queuing at the Eiffel Tower – hit the skies and see the city of love by helicopter.
  • Days seven to nine see you stop by Nice (hire a bike and go exploring). Then it’s on to Florence for two nights (where you can test drive a ferrrari, we kid you not) and Rome where you can get all ghostly with a Rome ghost tour or take a day trip to Pompeii and say hi to the still active Mount Vesuvius volcano.
  • With two nights in Venice up next, there is plenty of time to rest those thrill seeking boots with a gondola ride before heading to Ljubljana to explore the stunning beauty of Lake Bled. You might even want to try your hand at canyoning rafting (April to October only) while there.
  • Beautiful Budapest is up next, which offers you adrenaline junkies indoor skydiving, paragliding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, caving/spelunking, tank diving, bubble football to name but a few. You can also chill out at a ruin pub, eat sushi off a naked lady or put your wits to the test in an escape room experience. The choice is phenomenal. 
  • Then it’s Krakow for two nights with that unforgettable history and, oh yeah, bungee jumping too.  Days 23-26 (three nights) are in Prague where you can keep your feet planted on a segway as you explore the city, or go up high and come down again with a breathtaking skydive experience. If you prefer the waterways, why not paddle along the river Vlatva on a plťka board (a stand up paddle board).
  • Finally, you can end on a high with days 26-29 (three nights) in Berlin. The city is famous for its clubs, its beer and its history of course, but did you know you you can also go base flying or hot air ballooning? Preferably not with a hangover though.

Our Adventurer Hostel Package really does exactly what it says on the tin, following the most famous routes and cities Europe has to offer – all you have to do is decide what each city offers you and enjoy. The sky literally is your limit.

And, as an added bonus, with eleven cities to be explored, this package (which covers rail travel and accommodation) is one of the best value for money products on offer.

Travel easy guys
The Interrailing Packages team

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