The Best European City To Be Hungover In?

The Best City In Europe To Be Hungover In? Ljubljana of course, the capital and largest city of Slovenia.
Ljubljana is, first off, a cracker of a city to party in (50,000 or so students can’t be wrong). And, while, waking up anywhere with a banging head, a mouth like a dried up leaf and a dodgy tum is literally awful, doing so in Ljubljana might just be bearable.
For one, car traffic is restricted in the city centre, leaving the leafy banks of the gentle Ljubljanica River free for pedestrians and cyclists. Ah the calmness and lack of pollution.
And the city centre is not only beautiful (see the dragon bridge above) but also very walkable too, so no need to cram yourself onto a bus or taxi to get out and about either. As if that wasn’t enough, laid back and lovely, Ljubljana boasts a fairly temperate climate – think hot and sunny summers and pleasant spring. In the summer, you can even drop your weary carcass down at a terrace cafe along the river and soak up the chilled atmosphere, along with lots of coffee.
And if you’ve blown your budget the night before, fear not! For Ljubljana is a gem of a city with all the amenities at less than the price you can expect to pay in the better known destinations (Rome, Paris we mean you). In fact, between 11 am and 1 pm, you can take advantage of fixed price menus and specials for students and working folks. English is widely spoken, and the locals tend to be a friendly lot too, which, let’s face it, takes the strain off a bit.
And if you really, really have to do something touristy with a hangover (because there is always someone in your group who insists on seeing EVERYTHING) then a day trip to Lake Bled (pictured above) isn’t too bad. It’s cool, its gorgeous, you can go at your own speed – and it sure beats climbing hundreds of steps to enjoy another panoramic city view!
Oh, and before we go, here’s a few helpful Slovenian phrases too:
Where’s the toilet / bathroom? Kje imate stranišče?
This gentleman will pay for everything Ta gospod bo plačal vse
This lady will pay for everything Ta gospa bo plačala vse

Travel easy guys

The Interrailing Packages team xx

Photographer / Credit ©Juriaan Teulings.

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