Setting your Interrail budget

One question we get asked a lot is: what should I budget for my Interrailing trip? And really, the answer is – how long is a piece of string… and how much of a luxury or bargain trip do you want?
Obviously, booking one of our packages means your Interrail pass, reservations and accommodation are included – which is a great starting point and means you won’t be phoning home in the last few days borrowing money to pay for your bed!
Other than that, the rest of the money really depends on you. Personally, I once scrimped by on a spending budget of just £500 for a three-week trip. I walked or got public transport when I could, bought groceries at local supermarkets, cooked at my hostel and always looked for the cheaper options or discount deal on going out or tourist attractions. It was fun, and I like to think I was pretty smart – albeit that my funds grew worryingly low on my final day or two (time to check in at bank of mum and dad).
Of course, when I can, I try to save more for travelling – a big budget always helps. Your trip may be the only time you ever visit some of these European destinations and you want to make the most of it. If you have the bucks, then good for you.
What I guess I’m trying to say is that everyone’s budget is personal to them (after all, some of us have trust funds and some of have minimum wage – such is life). And not all European cities are created equal either. Costs per day will vary with each destination, and generally it’s a lot cheaper in Eastern Europe.
So, say you’re hitting both the East and the West on your epic, 21-day Interrail trip. You think you could gather around £1,200 for spends overall. If your trip is ten days in the expensive cities like Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, aim for £60 a day (10 x £60 = £600). That leaves eleven days, or £50 a day, in the less expensive cities like LJubljana (11 x £50 = £550). That’s a grand total budget of £1,150 with £50 left over for emergencies, gifts or “just in case”.
If your destination cities are much the same expense wise, then it’s easier of course. Say £50 a day to cover any public transport or taxis, entrance fees, food (supermarket or dining out), going out costs and perhaps the odd souvenir, coffee, cold drink or snack. If your trip is three weeks then 21 x £50 = £1,150. That leaves you with an extra £150 for souvenirs, a couple of majorly unforgettable nights out in one of your big city destinations and that always advisable “just in case” money.
But don’t forget – this is only a guide to help you work things out for you. We can’t advise how much money you will need as that’s entirely up to each person and what he or she can afford. Our advice is to look at how much you have to spend when travelling and chop it up in daily portions as above. If £60 a day is good for you and you are happy to cut costs where you can, then great, but if not then don’t worry – go for £100 a day, or £50 a day and work to that daily budget.
Travel easy guys
The Interrailing Packages Team xx

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