The scoop on Bosnia-Herzegovina

Planning your Interrail trip and thinking about heading somewhere a little bit different? Why not consider adding Bosnia-Herzegovina to your itinerary.
Situated in southeastern Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina is home to some of nature’s most beautiful creations, including Kravice Waterfalls (a natural amphitheatre, the waterfalls cascade 30-metres down from the stunning forest above into a turquoise lake), the Jajce and Pliva Lakes region and the Sutjeska National Park (the country’s oldest national park, it is 17,500 hectares of magnificent and untouched wilderness).
The capital city is Sarajevo, located in a valley on the Miljacka River and surrounded by the breathtaking Dinaric Alps, really is a beautiful destination.  It is renowned for being where east meets west (really – you can literally, stand on a compass point in Ferhadija Street and face east towards the 16th-century Ottoman quarter then turn 180 degrees and look west at Austria’s 19th-century architectural legacy).
There is lots to do too, of course, from dropping by the lively Baščaršija aka Pigeon Square (the oldest part of the city and renowned for its Sebilj, an ornate 1891 drinking fountain) to visiting the city’s galleries, mosques and museums.
Probably one of the most well known locations in Sarajevo is at the bridge, Latinska Ćuprija. It was here the Austro-Hungarian Heir Apparent, Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, were assassinated in June 1914, sparking the beginning of the First World War.
Sarajevo also boasts a vibrant nightlife with plenty of pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants on offer. The city’s social calendar has a range of festivals and events throughout the year, and there is a buzzing clubbing scene, particularly on Thursday (student night), Friday and Saturday.
Food wise, we recommend sampling the Balkan equivalent to the hamburger, the evapi (seasoned mince formed into finger-sized sausages, grilled, stuffed into somun bread and served with a side of diced onions). And don’t forget to try the strong Bosnian coffee with a side of Turkish delight – or even a local craft beer.
Outside of Sarajevo, the city of Mostar in the south is another stunning destination and where you will find the iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge), a reconstructed medieval arched bridge. The city is also just 40km or so from the Kravice Waterfalls, the ideal day trip.
Image is a city view over Sarajevo.

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